Maharashtrian Cuisine

Welcome to the master page for the Maharashtrian cuisine project - your one shop stop for all Marathi recipes. Maharashtrian meals (mainly lunch and dinner) are served on a plate called thali.  There is one bhaaji or a vegetable accompanied by chutney, koshimbir (salad), papad (chips), buhji (fritters), rice and poli (bread), amti (lentil curry) or varan (lentil curry, and rassa(veg or non veg curry).  I have tried to include as many recipes as possible so click on the links below each headings. Happy eating!
I. Appetizers:
II. Fritters or Buhjis:
  • Kothimbir vadi: Cilantro based fritter either fried or steamed

  • "Kobi chya wadya" Cabbage rolls: Shredded cabbage in chick pea flour.

  • Kanda Bhaji: onion bhaji fritters - the best one of them all

  • "Batata bhaji": Deep fried, fine potato slices coated in chick pea flour batter.

  • "Mirchi bhaji": Deep fried, chillies. Some people prefer these coated in chick pea flour batter.

  • "Alu wadi": Colocasia leaves rolled in chick pea flour, steamed and then stir fried.

  • Mung dal wade

  • Surana-chi wadi

  • Batatachya Kachrya: Spiced potato that is pan fried

  • Methi wade made with leaves of Fenugreek plant

III. Vegetable and lentil preparations

 IV. Meat preparations:

V. Soups and consommes: Indian cuisines generally do not have soups. But we have curries/dals that go on the rice and sometimes can be consumed alongside meals. So truly speaking to say this category is a Soup category is erroneous in my opinion, but gives the reader an idea about the kind of the dish.

VI. Pickles and condiments and Raitas and Koshimbir

VII. Jams and jellies

  • Muramba (A kind of preserve, made from jaggery and seasonal fruits)
  • Sakhramba (A kind of preserve, made from sugar and seasonal fruits)

VIII. Sweets/Desert

  • Puran Poli: An annual treat made during Holi festival - A sweet bread
  • Gulachi Poli : Jaggery stuffed sweet bread
  • Modak: Coconut stuff dessert served during Ganpathi festival either fried or steamed
  • Karanji: Coconut stuffed fried dumpling
  • Gulab Jaam: Maava balls fried and served with sugar syrup
  • Shevaya chi Kheer: Sweetened milk served with rice or vermicelli
  • Anarsa :
  • Chirota: Semolina sweet dish
  • Jilbi: Sweetened chick-pea flour deep fried in spiral shapes, then coated in sugar syrup.
  • Shankarpale: Sweetened flour deep fried in small square/diamond shapes.
  • Basundi: Sweetened dense milk dessert.
  • Ambaacha ras: Pulp/Thick Juice made of mangoes
  • Shikran: An instant sweet dish made from banana, milk and sugar.
  • Shrikhand: Sweetened yogurt flavoured with saffron, cardamom and charoli nuts.
  • Narali Bhaat : Sweet rice made using coconut
  • Laadu: It is famous sweet snack in Maharashtra mainly prepared for Diwali

X. Fasting Cuisine

A large number of Marathi Hindu people hold fast on certain days/festivals and are only supposed to eat certain selected dishes. Some of those dishes are:
XI. Rice preparations

1. Khichadi: Mung dal or Quinoa Khichdi

2. Tondli Bhaat: Gherkins rice

XII. Regional Maharashtrian Dishes:

1. Panchamrut - A Saraswati style peppers dish
2. Tondlichi upkari: A konkani gherkins dish

 Special thanks to Wikipedia for the research. Links for the recipes belong to Slurp N Burp.

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